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Wholesome Life Chiropractic was established by husband and wife team Ian and Sophie Doble in 2014. Both Ian and Sophie are qualified, experienced Chiropractors who wanted to create a relaxed, friendly and beautiful Chiropractic centre with an aim to not only help alleviate the discomfort of a body not working at its best, but to also offer natural, congruent wholesome lifestyle advice to further promote natural health and wellbeing.

Wholesome Life Chiropractic was previously known as Blue Mountain Family Chiropractic, which had been established in Ashburton since 2004. This renaming and rebranding coincided with a change in ownership.

Ian and Sophie have two great passions for their business....

1. An enthusiasm for helping others with the amazing healing effects of Chiropractic care and ongoing natural, wholesome lifestyle advice.

2. A great customer service experience. The Wholesome Life Chiropractic team not only aim to get excellent results, but also to make your experience an enjoyable one too.

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Our offices are conveniently located in the heart of Ashburton town centre, with a public car park just around the corner.

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Meet the team:

Ian Doble from Wholesome Life Chiropractic - Ashburton, South Devon

Ian Doble: Chiropractor – After an encounter with a chiropractor due to an episode of back pain, Ian had a shift in consciousness that opened his eyes to the incredible power of natural healing. Following this, Ian then took steps to retrain as a Chiropractor, having worked in the engineering industry. He graduated with a masters degree in Chiropractic in 2009.

Ian finds being a Chiropractor immensely fulfilling; connecting with people on a daily basis and helping clients by using natural, hands-on techniques and sharing wholesome lifestyle supportive advice. Ian's cheery disposition is able to put people at ease; he is a good listener and explains things in an easy-to-understand way. Ian is always looking for new, innovative ways of improving his clients ability to heal, stay well and flourish.

Sophie Doble - Chiropractor & Hypopressives trainer – Sophie has been an enthusiast of Chiropractic from a very young age, as her parents regularly took the whole family to see a Chiropractor to get adjusted. She loves this natural approach to healing and wellbeing; supporting the body's inborn ability to express health, wholeness and wellness.

Having benefitted from Chiropractic throughout her life, it seemed like a natural career path for Sophie to choose. She graduated with a Masters degree in Chiropractic in 2009, loving the hands-on care that Chiropractic brings.

After experiencing the amazing effects of Chiropractic throughout pregnancy, Sophie would love for every pregnant woman to benefit from the natural balancing, healing effects of Chiropractic care to support them through this most important stage of life.

Sophie is currently on maternity leave from Chiropractic but is in practice as a hypopressives trainer.

hypopressives logo - Ashburton, South Devon

Hypopressives - The missing link in core, pelvic floor & postural training!

Hypopressives is a whole body system of training using breathing and postures. It is a fantastic way of creating positive change in the core, pelvic floor, diaphragm and posture without increasing intra-abdominal pressure, thereby really allowing any areas of weakness to heal instead of putting them under further stress.

More information can be found on the UK Hypopressives website: www.ukhypopressives.com

Martha Gaches from Wholesome Life Chiropractic - massage therapist - Ashburton, South Devon

Martha Gaches: Massage therapist. Martha is qualified in: 

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Holistic massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Pregnancy massage

We find that massage and Chiropractic are a wonderful combination together. So it’s great to have Martha in our team who has a perfect balance of a firm gentle touch to help us with our clients.

Martha worked in flood risk for 13 years and suffered with a bad back following a horse accident and bad posture sitting at a desk for hours on end. She sought complementary therapies and through a combination of massage and chiropractic treatment she has managed to overcome the ongoing pain she was suffering. This treatment sparked a passion for her to pursue a career in massage and bodywork.

Martha loves working with people helping their muscles to recover from injury and chronic tightness as well as helping to relieve states such as anxiety, stress and insomnia.

She is currently qualified in holistic, aromatherapy, deep tissue, trigger point and pregnancy massage and is constantly looking to improve her knowledge and practical experience of massage and bodywork.

Martha has a young family and loves to indulge in her passions of surfing and running which get her into the great outdoors.

Claire Hydon from Wholesome Life Chiropractic - Ashburton, South Devon

Claire Hydon: Chiropractic Assistant (C.A.) – I have been interested in sports and fitness for longer than I can remember and have taken part and studied many courses in this field over the years.

Outside of work you will normally find me at my local Crossfit box. Crossfit is a worldwide fitness regime consisting of constantly varied movements performed at high intensity. All Crossfit workouts are based on functional movements including gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. These are the core movements in life!

As my training is very intense, Chiropractic care from Ian helps me to recover from injuries and to ensure I perform at my peak.

Regular Chiropractic care helps me keep my body strong and allow it to recover quicker.

I am very excited to become part of the team at Wholsome Life Chiropractic and will continue to learn and improve my journey of living an even healthier lifestyle for the future.

Jo Farmer from Wholesome Life Chiropractic - Ashburton, South Devon

Jo Farmer: Chiropractic Assistant (C.A.) – After running a business and bringing up our four children in Somerset my husband and I decided to move to Devon for a slower pace of life.

Desperately wanting another dog we decided a beach resort would suit us well. Knowing the area a little, as I spent many childhood years on holiday in this area, we found an old chapel to restore and have been here ever since. Along with Teddy our new puppy we now enjoy spending our spare time in the fresh air exploring the many beautiful beaches and glorious countryside that Devon has to offer.

Badminton, yoga and cooking and spending time with my family are some of my simple, yet enjoyable pastimes. Being interested in food and health makes working for Ian and Sophie, at Wholesome Life Chiropractic in the very pretty village of Ashburton, a perfect environment to develop my interests in improving a quality of health and wellbeing for my family and myself.

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