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Hopefully we will answer all your questions here….if we haven’t however, please get in touch and we shall do our best!

What to wear?

In reality you can wear what you like, although we do prefer it if you can wear loose fitting clothing. On your first visit we do ask you to change into a gown so that we can assess your spine in detail, but on subsequent sessions you remain fully clothed. So on your first visit you may want feel more comfortable wearing your best briefs or bring a pair of shorts.

Does chiropractic hurt?

Short answer – No. A Chiropractic adjustment shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable. We may be required to loosen off some tense muscles from time to time, which can be a little uncomfortable.

Do I have to undress or wear a gown?

All the care we provide is carried out with you fully clothed, so no need to change into a draughty gown. We do ask that you change into a gown during the initial assessment however and at reassessment visits, so we can check your progress.

How long will each visit take?

The first few visits tend to take a little longer as we gain your current health status and then take time to explain about what we have found. Subsequent ‘adjustment’ visits typically take around 15 minutes – we don’t need a great deal of time to make a big impact. Sometimes we may take a little more and sometimes a little less depending on your specific needs that day.

How much care will I need?

This is a difficult question to answer as everyone who seeks our services is unique and has unique health issues. Typically, the longer you have had the problem, the older you are, and the worse your general health status is, the longer it will take your body to heal and so your health concern to resolve. We will give you a timeframe on your second visit to our practice.

I have osteoporosis – can you still help?

We take time to listen to your needs and concerns. If you have osteoporosis (like some of our current clients), then we adapt our techniques so that they are even more gentle and to your liking.

What about children, babies?

We often see children and babies in our office. Whilst it is unusual for children to experience an ongoing episode of pain or discomfort, any episode of pain or discomfort may be signs that their growing body is in need of a helping hand. If you count how many knocks and bumps the average toddler has or consider how stressful the birth process can be, it’s no wonder that little ones may get the occasional discomfort. We adapt our hands on needs to suit each individual, so for young children and babies, we use touch like pressure to help. We offer a well child visit that allows us to assess the health of your child’s spine and nervous system. For more information on a well child visit or Chiropractic care for children and babies, please contact us.

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