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Martha Gaches from Wholesome Life Chiropractic - massage therapist - Ashburton, South Devon

Martha Gaches: Massage therapist. Martha is qualified in: 

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Holistic massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Pregnancy massage

We find that massage and Chiropractic are a wonderful combination together. So it’s great to have Martha in our team who has a perfect balance of a firm gentle touch to help us with our clients.

Martha worked in flood risk for 13 years and suffered with a bad back following a horse accident and bad posture sitting at a desk for hours on end. She sought complementary therapies and through a combination of massage and chiropractic treatment she has managed to overcome the ongoing pain she was suffering. This treatment sparked a passion for her to pursue a career in massage and bodywork.

Martha loves working with people helping their muscles to recover from injury and chronic tightness as well as helping to relieve states such as anxiety, stress and insomnia.

She is currently qualified in holistic, aromatherapy, deep tissue, trigger point and pregnancy massage and is constantly looking to improve her knowledge and practical experience of massage and bodywork.

Martha has a young family and loves to indulge in her passions of surfing and running which get her into the great outdoors.

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