Meet the team

Stephanie Miles (MChiro LRCC DC) Chiropractor and Clinic Director Member of the British Chiropractic Association Registered with the General Chiropractic Council

Stephanie is a well-being chiropractor who has worked for many years in family run chiropractic clinics in Bristol, and Bournemouth. She graduated from the prestigious Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC UC) with a First Class Honours and with a passion to educate people about the powers of human body and what can be achieved with the help of chiropractic.

Stephanie started receiving chiropractic care in her teens for ongoing headaches and found not only huge relief for her headaches (as they were arising from her neck!) but also experienced many other health benefits. Ever since, she has been a keen advocate of wellness care and the idea that chiropractic isn’t just about curing pain.

With her roots firmly fixed in Devon, Stephanie has always wanted her own wellness centre, where she could provide holistic care for the whole body and offer a sense of community. Wholesome Life Chiropractic is an enchanting clinic that has stolen her heart. Perfectly placed on the outskirt of the moor, Stephanie and the Team are able to bring the powers of nature inside the clinic and help the body’s natural healing of itself through chiropractic and our other therapies.

Stephanie enjoys offering chiropractic adjustments to all ages - from newborns to the very elderly and tailors her techniques to everyone’s individual needs. She likes to see the older generation springing out of her door and hearing the achievements of her athletic clients. Not only does Stephanie offer hands on, effective manual therapies but she also gives exercise, nutritional and lifestyle advice to make sure she’s supporting the body as a whole.

Natasha Cobley

Natasha has lived and worked in Ashburton for over 18 years and is a well-established and highly regarded therapist in and around Dartmoor. With over 16 years of experience in Therapeutic Massage, your health and well-being are her priority. Whether it’s to relax, or to help sort out that old - or new - injury, Natasha can tailor her treatment to your needs.

Here’s a little bit from Natasha:
"I love to make people feel better and see them smile when they leave saying they feel relaxed and ‘put back together again’. I look forward to meeting you."

Natasha offers:

Jodie Beer - Chiropractic Assistant

Jodie is very into her fitness and keeping healthy. She loves walks and going to the gym. One of her other hobbies is skiing and like many, she cannot wait to get on the slopes.

Jodie feels a huge reward when helping people which lead to her training as a personal Trainer. She enjoys being able to offer advice should people ask her, and its a great hobby and passion of hers.

Jodie really is a huge advocate of looking after our health, here is a little bit from her...

‘Looking after your mind and body are so important to me which is why I am so excited to be working with Stephanie at Wholesome life chiropractic, she is absolutely wonderful and the minute I met her I knew this was the job for me. She is passionate about what she does and is so knowledgeable.

She has helped pick up on things I have been struggling for years with and is helping to work with me to get my body back to how it should be and how to look after myself to avoid more problems in the future.’

Dawn Bowden - Chiropractic Assistant

Dawn has lived in Devon all her life and loves the green fields and coastline - they are her daily reminder as to how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful county!

After working in the NHS for many years, Dawn recently took a year off to renovate an old cottage with her husband, on the edge of a woodland in a very rural location. Taking time out has allowed her to reassess her life - and she wanted a change of direction. She has since joined Wholesome Life Chiropractic as a Chiropractic Assistant to work with the local community in promoting Health and Wellness and sharing the importance of good spinal and postural care.

This is Dawn’s experience with chiropractic care:

"I badly injured my neck in a car accident in my twenties and would often get pain and muscle spasms. I eventually went to see a chiropractor who gave me relief from these symptoms. It was explained how Chiropractic gets to the cause of the problem not just treating the symptoms, using techniques to realign the spine and neck and ease muscles and joints, allowing the body to heal itself. As I get older I realise how important it is to look after your body and wellbeing to live a full and fulfilling life."

Dawn has always had an interest in complementary therapies and gained a massage qualification at South Devon College which included Swedish massage, Indian head massage, hot stone and aromatherapy which showed her how our bodies can benefit from therapies which can complement conventional medicine. In her free time, Dawn enjoys yoga, gardening, walking, reading and has recently started making aromatherapy candles.

Stephanie and the Team look forward to seeing you at Wholesome Life Clinic.