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What our Clients Say

Mary, from Ashburton: ‘A very friendly and flexible practice. The care is excellent and I have become a real fan of Chiropractic’.

Nirvikalpini, from Buckfastleigh: ‘My daughter recommends that Ian would make a good teacher! Ian has a very calming, non judgmental manner, easy to feel relaxed and trust that he wants and can deliver the best for the client.’

Lynn, from Rattery: ‘Every visit a good experience in all ways. The care has helped my problems one hundred per cent. Attention to detail from Ian and Jasmine is first class (even down to decor and lovely soap in the loo!) By having regular 'maintenance' visits now, which are gradually being extended, I am keeping my body in good shape’

Natasha, from Buckfastleigh: ‘The improvements I have noticed are amazing. I no longer feel restricted in what I can do anymore. Alongside the relief from the pain I had been experiencing, other benefits of chiropractic care at Wholesome Life Chiropractic have been improved sleeping patterns, happier moods and no more headaches!’

Daniel, from Ashburton: 'A very professional, friendly and effective practice. Has helped my condition greatly and it is always a pleasure to visit.'

Wanda, from Newton Abbot: 'Very professional caring and helpful. Everything explained in English and not in technical terms. Always cheerful and welcoming.'

Jessica, from Newton Abbot: 'I have been suffering with an anxiety disorder for 2 years and have been struggling with frequent panic attacks causing upset stomach, back pain, dizziness and pins and needles. Since visiting Ian at Wholesome Life Chiropractic, it has improved my quality of life immensely. I no longer have to worry about having an upset stomach daily as this ceased after only a matter of 4-5 visits. I have experienced a big change in panic attacks (as well as becoming less frequent) they are no longer causing me any after pain which allows me to continue with the day as normal. The back pain and pins and needles I previously experienced afterwards no longer occur which has helped greatly and reduced my anxiety. Wholesome Life Chiropractic has offered great support and a professional, friendly service.'

Larry from Kingsteignton: 'Wholesome Life Chiropractic is professional, friendly, caring and relaxed.

Back pains have become a thing of the past; I have better sleep quality and overall feel pretty good for my age (60). From one who is sceptical of alternative treatment, I can only add that my overall quality of life has improved. It’s a case of don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.'

Virginia from Kingsteignton: 'My experience at Wholesome Life Chiropractic has changed my life. I have only had one relapse in 3 and a half years, whereas before Chiropractic care I was relapsing every 3 months. I can now participate in activities I had previously given up i.e. walking on the moors, horse riding and tennis is next on the list!

My General wellbeing has totally improved. My body deals with colds better, I still get them but they do not develop into anything more than an inconvenience.

Ian has made the practice into a warm, personal centred, family friendly environment. I wish it was compulsory for everyone, what a much lovelier place the world would be.'

Claire from Newton Abbot : 'From around 6 weeks old my daughter Ava suffered with terrible constipation and would get upset and appeared to be in so much discomfort. It was horrible to watch and I felt totally helpless. Ava was also a very ‘sicky’ baby, after most feeds she would bring up her milk….a total nightmare!

We were made to feel at total ease from the moment that we arrived at Wholesome Life Chiropractic. It was a calm and friendly environment to be in. Ian listened to our concerns and clearly explained to us his Chiropractic approach. Ian is very approachable and you can tell he genuinely cares about the wellbeing of his clients.

We noticed improvements after Ava’s very first adjustment. Her symptoms seemed to settle and the sickness improved greatly. She was calm and would always sleep following every adjustment.

I felt Ava was content, relaxed and was a much happier baby following her care with Ian. I would highly recommend Wholesome Life Chiropractic.'

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