We are now open and seeing clients in person on site in our practice. Remote / virtual consultations can also be undertaken. We continue to follow the guidance to ensure we keep everyone safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Wholesome Life Chiropractic - Ashburton, South Devon

Welcome to Wholesome Life Chiropractic

Welcome to Wholesome Life Chiropractic. A warm welcome awaits you at our family friendly Chiropractic centre. Our job is to provide you with the finest care possible in a relaxing setting and to offer you hope and guidance on your journey to greater health.

We provide highly effective, safe and gentle Chiropractic care. We explain things clearly and easily, so that you understand what is happening to your body and what to expect from your Chiropractic experience. We provide ongoing wholesome lifestyle advice to encourage greater health for you and your family, naturally.

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