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Wholesome Life Chiropractic

First Floor, Kings Bridge House
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About Us

Stephanie is a well-being chiropractor who has worked for many years in family run chiropractic clinics in Bristol, and Bournemouth. She graduated from the prestigious Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC UC) with a First Class Honours and with a passion to educate people about the powers of human body and what can be achieved with the help of chiropractic.

Stephanie started receiving chiropractic care in her teens for ongoing headaches (that originated from her neck!) and found not only huge relief for her headaches, but also experienced many other health benefits. Ever since, she has been a keen advocate of wellness care and the idea that chiropractic isn’t just about curing pain.

With her roots firmly fixed in Devon, Stephanie has always wanted her own wellness centre, where she could provide holistic care for the whole body and offer a sense of community. Wholesome Life Chiropractic is an enchanting clinic that has stolen her heart. Perfectly placed on the outskirt of the moor, Stephanie and the Team are able to bring the powers of nature inside the clinic and help the body’s natural healing of itself through chiropractic and our other therapies.

Stephanie enjoys offering chiropractic adjustments to all ages - from newborns to the very elderly and tailors her techniques to everyone’s individual needs. She likes to see the older generation springing out her door and hearing the achievements of her athletic clients. Not only does Stephanie offer hands on, effective manual therapies but she also gives exercise, nutritional and lifestyle advice to make sure she’s supporting the body as a whole.

Stephanie and the Team look forward to seeing you back at Wholesome Life Clinic and continuing your wellness journey.