Erica Ross

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Chiropractic Assistant

Erica really is a huge advocate of looking after our health, here is a little bit from her…

‘I started my chiropractor journey when my daughter was 18 month old, she is now approaching 33. Over the years, regular chiropractic care has certainly enhanced my life and improved my general wellbeing and health greatly. I have a scoliosis of the spine and totally believe without the amazing chiropractic care I have received, I would have been destined to a life of discomfort and relying on painkillers.’

‘My main hobby and passion is running – I belong to a running club and participate in Park Run every Saturday morning. My other interested include skiing, reading and socialising. I also enjoy spending time with my very energetic 5-year old grandson, which is another excellent reason for staying as fit and active as possible.’