We only start care with our clients that we are confident we can help. With regular re-assessments that monitoring your improvement, we will happily refer you for further investigations if we feel necessary.

A lot of our clients have osteoarthritis, also known as wear and tear in the spine, and this is a perfectly normal change with aging. However, just because your spine may be a little rusty, it definitely doesn’t need to be painful. This pain may be due to the lack of movement of the joints, so with some gentle encouragement, your body can work and feel better – just like using some WD40!

The vast majority of our clients have had pain for many years and do respond very well to Chiropractic care. Our bodies always try and do their best to heal. So we will work with you to ensure our treatment and some lifestyle changes enable your body to have the best amount of improvement.
As we thoroughly assess you, taking a complete medical history and examination, our Chiropractors are trained to recognise anything outside of their area of expertise. They will let you know if you need to be referred for some further tests or scans.